Caudullo Ventures Success Stories

I never saw myself doing sales & closing because I never had the confidence in myself to do it. Truthfully and honestly, I SUCKED! Dylan Caudullo did not even want to work with me. I was so bad.

I learned I needed to improve, prove myself, work hard, and be open to investing in additional self-development…

I worked hard, found a great offer to position myself in, and I invested religiously into my self-development and skills over the past year.

It’s CRAZY how fast things can change in a single year.

I just made $9,399.70 in commissions in the last 7 days. 

If someone like me, who was awful at communication and never imagined doing Elite Closing in their life, has been able to get to this point… Anyone can do it!

People just need the confidence in themselves to make that adjustment… to invest more into themselves and commit to their goals.

It should be against the law to not work with Dylan Caudullo.

- Andrew I.

I checked my numbers and in less than 20 days since I started learning from Dylan I closed over $120,000 in sales.

I made over $15,000 in commissions in a single month, just about 3 months after I started learning from him. That’s more than I made in a YEAR when I used to work at Panera…

Dylan changed my life and it’s not just about the money.

I get to help a lot of people and that feels good. 

I wake up every morning like a kid on Christmas and it’s amazing because I feel like I have a sense of purpose.

If nothing else, thanks for giving me purpose in life!

Adam A.

I was living with my ex-girlfriend in the projects and working for the navy when I met Dylan Caudullo a year ago.

Since then I got really good at Elite Closing, was able to supplement my income, to then make $15,000-$20,000 a month.

After that I started my own company, another company, and another company based on the skills I learned working with Dylan honestly.

I now have partnerships where I’m recruiting and training Elite Closers that are selling anything from coaching that’s $10,000-$50,000 to franchises that go for $100,000

This week alone I’ve done $60,000 in consulting sales for my own business. We literally did over 2 million in sales with no ads in 67 days. I’ve closed over $10 Million in this last year.

Elite Closing is the oxygen of any business. It’s very powerful when you know you’re going to talk to somebody and you just know they’re going to spend $10,000 to $20,000 with you and you’re going to help them. You just move a lot differently when you have that ability. You don’t realize how powerful it is until people just wire you 5 digits. IT’S CRAZY!

My biggest worry was going so hard to make just $20,000 a month, now I do that in a day. It just blows my mind.

I wouldn’t be in this place without Dylan Caudullo, I’m humble enough to admit that. Forever grateful. 🙏🏿

Sean A.

Huge shoutout to my dude Dylan Caudullo!

I never closed a deal in my life until 3 months later I closed almost $2 million in sales.

Dylan’s a real dude, super ethical, and you should listen to him because he’s going to take you the extra mile.

It might not be easy or fun… but he’ll get you there!

Casey C.


I started my Elite Closing gig on December 1st and as of January 20th, I am tied for 1st place in the company with the top earner who has been there for a year.

Yes, I’m ecstatic and I’m very hype but I put in the work. I put in the work I had to make sure that I was ready when the opportunity presented itself to me.

When most programs tell you that they can actually give you the knowledge and the ability to start your skillset and start closing, that’s awesome…. But do they actually have the opportunities ready for you to get you to start producing that type of income you want? Dude, Dylan Caudullo actually has that and they will get you ready.

PRAISE GOD, I AM SO HAPPY! I put the work in and it’s showing.

Big shoutout to Dylan Caudullo. This guy is AHEAD OF HIS TIME as far as teaching you the knowledge that you need to know to be able to close, to be able to actually have a remote Elite Closing career. This guy is translating knowledge from 12 hour days of his own studies, to simplify it, give you those tricks and tips to be able to actually make a living for you and your family, to give the lifestyle and provide the lifestyle to everybody that you have in your close circle deserve.

I’m just happy, I’m amazed at myself and my transformation.

You have to do this. If you are thinking about joining Dylan Caudullo as an option I want you to go ahead and get with the program right away. It’s only getting better from here. We are setting bars so high that everybody’s going to have to come through to make an amazing progression in their life. Do what you have to do to make it happen.

Garrett M.

About a year ago I was spiraling out of control. 

I was just a kid that didn’t really know what to do and I didn’t go to college so I’ve tried everything else, dropshipping, a marketing agency, e-commerce, and a bunch of different things in regards to making money and nothing really works for me.

I put the last of my money into the program. It really was money I didn’t have. I decided to put that money down because I knew I was going to make it back.

Ever since then I’ve been training with Dylan and the team following the method. I was reminded consistently and since then I’ve moved out of my mom’s house. I got my own place in a Skyrise apartment and I honestly never fathomed living in a Skyrise.

Putting all the material things out of the window it’s not even about that because at the end of the day, I  have now the communication skills to really just handle anyone that I want and just be able to confront anyone and anything.

The true value in this program for me was really just the certainty that I can be secure, that if I needed to make X amount of money I have the skills and abilities to be able to produce that. A job is temporary you can get laid off but when you have this skill and ability and you really have the confidence and certainty that if you need to make money for your family or something, that right there, in my opinion that’s what wealth is. It’s just having the know-how that you can be at cause and create whenever you want.

Right now I’m in Florida because I’m going to have my training on how to become an executive. That would not happen if I didn’t have the skills I learned with Dylan and the communication skills to take me to that level.

So if you’re seeing this just follow Dylan’s process and know that the whole thing works. Once you have  this process working and you follow, it’s going to take you so far. You’re doing the right thing, good job on getting into the program. It’s going to open so many doors.

Jared R.

I want to thank the man, the myth, the legend, Dylan Caudullo.

Literally when I joined and in just one single day, I made $1,250.


This means a stud, he taught everything about Elite Closing.

I didn’t have any background in sales or closing and now I’m definitely getting there closing deals for myself. 

Thanks again Dylan, you’re a real dude, and honestly I wouldn’t be here without you.

Guys and girls, if you’re considering the program this is the best out there honestly. I’ve been through awesome programs but this one is WORLD CLASS!

Mattisse F.

I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit my whole life. I was just trying and losing at so many things, businesses that failed, jobs that failed, relationships that failed, on and on. When I first met Dylan I was in a sales job and was sucking but once I started using his method that’s when my stats went through the roof.

I started making more money, helping more people, and doing work that I love.

Dylan really wants to help people and see that everyone around him wins.

I’ve been building sales teams and training for other companies and I’ve found 5 Elite Closing opportunities this week that I would not have been able to do that without the skill he taught me.

I’ve seen miracles happen in this program. New careers that people love, improvements in relationships, confidence, a sense of purpose, going to work every day knowing what you do is going to help people. That’s what inspires me the most.

I’m fully confident that I could step into just about any company and bring something of value which is not how I felt a year ago. 

I still have a lot to learn and I’m so excited to see where everyone goes.

Kyle F.

I started training with Dylan Caudullo, got hooked up with an Elite Closing opportunity, and on my second call I’ve ever taken I managed to close a deal!

Everything that I learned got implemented into it. Everything he teaches you, shows you, trains you how to do just works. POINT BLANK IT WORKS! There’s nothing out there like it, nobody else out there is going to show you this kind of method.

Everyone on the team Dylan, Jules, Kyle… are MASTERS! The knowledge that they dropped and gave me is worth its weight and gold.

This is the first job I’ve gotten into thinking I’m nervous and I don’t know how well I’m going to do and all I can think now is THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE IN LIFE!

To all of the members of Dylan Caudullo’s team from the moment you talked to me, all the way through the training, to my first Elite Closing opportunity… THANK YOU!

I feel like I have a new lease on life. I feel like I have a new chance to almost do whatever I want to do which is a really weird feeling that I’m never going to let go of and I’m always going to chase because it’s there in front of me and it’s going to be there in front of you. It’s so tangible it’s unreal that this is an opportunity in life.

Ryker M.

I’ve learned a ton about Elite Closing and even just life in general.

This has to do with talking to people and a lot of the transfers over into real life so my relationships have improved with people.

I closed my first deal for $30,000 my first week and I haven’t slowed down since.

Literally last night Dylan just taught me how to handle an objection I got and I put it into practice and I got the deal signed.

I get 10% commission for that so that’s $3,000 I make for just 1 call.

I’m closing for a business coach that can make any entrepreneur more successful in any niche.

It took Dylan a year of grinding closing $5,000 deals to close before he closed his first $30,000 deal so he let us do it much faster.

I’ve only learned the super foundational stuff off of Dylan so I’m sure there’s more to come.

I appreciate it.



Michael A.

I have improved my communication a lot in going through this program and it’s very crucial in Elite Closing.

I’ve noticed my communication with people around me has improved tremendously.

The community helps me a lot because I’m learning from everyone and being surrounded by those who are serious about honing their skills.

The mentorship and advice that I’m getting, helps me improve my skills really quickly.

I just closed another 25k sale today and another 10k sales a couple of days ago for a business coach.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of being surrounded by a community of like-minded people.

Mira Z.

Thank you to my man Dylan!

Since I started working with him, I gained 2 new partnerships for Elite Closing.

This week alone, I closed $16,000 in sales…

This is crazy, let’s go!

Miles M.

Since joining last week I’ve made 3k in commissions!

Jaretta K.